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Internet Marketing Automation Guru Theodore Gaushas
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Bot’s are program that crawls through the web sites and collects the needed information from them. What info they can collect? In one word, any you want – product descriptions, prices, links, addresses, pictures etc. The collected information is then stored in the required database or file.

Features of our Bot’s:

  • full automation of a web site visitor’s actions (including automatic browsing, signing up new accounts, login using different user accounts, filling and submitting forms, clicking, etc.)
  • regular expressions to retrieve the needed data from web pages
  • sophisticated algorithms and methods to filter and search the interested information
  • multi-threads to increase the performance
  • proxy support
  • using open source JavaScript engine, such as V8 from Google and Rhino from Mozilla, to go through dynamically-constructed web pages
  • storing output data in a preferable format: database, CSV file, excel, txt or any you need
  • sending email notifications in the predetermined cases
  • http or socks proxy support to crawl web sites anonymously
  • automatic quality assurance to ensure the data harvested from the web sites
  • web browser interface so that you have a possibility to see the work session and intervene into it manually if need
  • web graphic user interface to manage and monitor the bot’s

and so much more….




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Reviews from our Clients

I have ordered a few products from Theodore and he delivered them on time in great quality. This guy is really a master with Ubot and one of the best in the business. He was always quick to respond with any questions and was always ready to follow up with suggestions and improvements on my bots and gave me great customer service throughout. If you need a uBot guy, this is your man.
Bertus Engelbrecht, South Africa