Reviews from our Clients

I have ordered a few products from Theodore and he delivered them on time in great quality. This guy is really a master with Ubot and one of the best in the business. He was always quick to respond with any questions and was always ready to follow up with suggestions and improvements on my bots and gave me great customer service throughout. If you need a uBot guy, this is your man.
Bertus Engelbrecht, South Africa
TJ is phenomenal to work with. Not only does he mention what is right for the product and the approach but he actually goes out of the way to test it with you. He gave me uncountable revisions and updates of the bots I got from him. He is highly professional and ensures excellent customer service by going out of his way to help- even if it is 3am his time. Undoubtedly the best in the business.
Thank you so much TJ

Hana SK, Saudi Arabia
I contacted TJ about my project 3 months before it actually started to get advice and start my research on bots. TJ was very helpful the entire time from what version of UBOT Studio to purchase to what the learning curve would be and what he would charge to do my project. I purchased the professional edition on TJ’s advice and I am sure glad I did. I contracted TJ to build a series of bots for me because of time constraints and again I am sure glad I did. Not only did TJ build the bots for me but since they were very technical they needed tweaking and TJ was there at every step. He always responded very quickly and is a true professional. If you are looking for a company to build bots or get advice on bots then you’re at the right place. I recommend the Bot Guru very highly. Great job TJ, thanks!
Richard Frazier, Seattle WA
Excellent service with the winning combination of experience, creativity and professionalism. Theordore's services is by far the perfect solution to automating any task on the web. I am very pleased and will be recommending to others.
Kenneth Orizu,
I can say all the best words for TJ!
True expert always willing to help.

Thank you once more,

Goran, BiH
Tj is a MACHINE ! I love this guy .
Always has time for noobs (sometimes even the weekends) and has a way of getting things down to the simplist of code .
Thanks TJ !

I Build a awesome Bot with the help Of TJ. Tj is working around the clock. Whenever I ask the doubt he is working for me . 10 out of 10 for his Useful help.
I wanted to add a 5 star review here for TJ 's assistance on working with uBot Studio.

He has helped me numerous times on the uBot forum with detailed code samples and has even recorded videos to explain things in complete detail just for me.

I would recommend TJ for anything related to BOT creation. He is the BEST!


Ray from Lancaster Ohio

Ray, Lancaster Ohio
I am part of the ubot community!
Tj support and knownledge is outstanding!
Everytime i needed help or a bot creation he was there and in less than 30 minutes i had the bot on my email fixed!



George Tavoularis, Greece
I have bought scripts from this guy before but before I could end a conversation with this guy he built exactly what I wanted and made it mine. 😀 I can't say better for him just that hes the best in my experience of 5+ years in internet marketing. Thanks allot TJ you rock!
Christopher Marsh, United States
TJ knows the Ubot product in and out. He is a true professional, one that highest level of performance and service. He has always been able to provide service and solutions for my business needs.
Dustin_S, Tennessee
TJ did great work and did it fast. I recommend TJ for any automation task that you may need.
Justin A.,
TJ is the best is all i can say, he was able to solve my problem and help me out with a specific task, great job buddy. Thanks!
An71qu3, San Diego
TJ is a hard core professional with the best possible knowledge of his work. His service is a perfect blend of accuracy, understanding and, above all, customer service. It wouldn't be wrong if I call TJ a perfect bot himself!