Web Automation

Web automation has been great over the years and only getting better. If your looking for something specific use the contact page and send me an email. I would love to hear from you

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New Software in reach

We are currently working on a few new software projects that should be soon to launch. With this is also our redone top site voter software which we are converting over to use the Chrome browser on your pc rather than the built in browser for better performance, stability, and better interaction with the latest recaptcha’s shown on different voting …

TickMaster Ultimate v4.10 – 4.11

Version updates 4.10 – 4.11 current Minor updates to proxys used Change to account for ok button after password for events

TickMaster Ultimate 4.09 released

Release update includes the following changes -Added max tickets to purchase (will continue to loop new seeds till max tickets purchased) -adjusted how it looks for the buy button now, so that it doesn’t use image recognition so its faster in the look up and doesn’t change screen-size for that to save screenshot of map area -Adjusted the look ups …

TickMaster Ultimate v4.08

In this update we addressed a few things. CVV for individual accounts added to accounts file.  This is for accounts checking out on auto, with saved credit card info on there accounts. Wait time for manual checkout increased to 2 minutes Added shipping type Standard Mail, Print at home, and ETicket. Added secondary shipping method in case ship method 1 …

Top site voter 7.05 released

In this update we have made changes for the click image captcha settings Allowing you to enter a list of useragents (if a page isnt interacting properly remove that useragent from your list We have also update the DBC solving so that its working properly with the responses from dbc now Added ability to change the number of retries for …

TickMaster Ultimate v4.06

Changes in this version are adjustments in Manual solving captchas. You might opt to use this to solve captchas faster then using solving services, with more accurate solving doing it yourself as well. This process is faster and will result in carting tickets faster as well. We are now using image recognition to check the page for sizing differences to …

TickMaster Ultimate Update released 6-13-2016

In this update you no longer have to place account details multiple times in the accounts data file.   You can use 1 line of account data and select the number of seed windows and it will recycle the account details from file for the number of seed windows used.  

TickMaster Ultimate 4.04 update released

In this update we have done the following Added Manual captcha solving option.  it will wait while captcha is up for you to solve it so you should be watching your seed windows to solve the captchas and click to verify Added ability for the software to mark images with numbers for 8 image, and 9 image click image captchas …