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Google Competition Slayer

CRUSH your competitors in the Search Engine Ranks

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Google Competition Slayer runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and windows 2008+ servers.  Mac users can run it in simulated windows environments like Parallels

If you're not researching your keywords, and checking on your competitors
you will never be able to out rank them in the search engines. 

How long does it take you to find out the number of back-links a competitor has to a link or domain,
the social shares to Facebook or Google+, or even on page SEO attributes like keyword in title, header tags, and more?

If you answered more than 1-2 minutes this software is for you.

You can insert a keyword and have results in less than 30 seconds 
With 17 useful metrics you can then use to further tweak and adjust your site for ranking in the search engines.

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The program will show the number of mentions in Google, Yahoo and Bing before populating the displayed grid with various numbers such as the number of domain back links, number of page back links, Alexa rankings and many other useful bits of information. You can save the finished report (it uses the keywords as the Filename) as a dot csv file (comma separated values) and open it in a spreadsheet for reading later.

The software works fine and appears to be bug free. It is thoroughly recommended as a useful tool in your SEO arsenal.

David Clark

I tried the Google Competition Slayer recently after TJ gave me review access. The software was easy to install and use. It does exactly what's written on the tin and gives all the necessary information on your competition with a just click of a mouse. It's definitely a nice add on to your arsenal of SEO tools.

Torsten Müller

Does what it says it will do and does it fast. 2 thumbs up piece of kit, easy to install, and use.
See the full video review here

Fred Furguson

The program runs as shown in the sales page video.

The file packs include clearly written instructions on installing and using the software. Usefully they also include recommended settings and a guide to acronyms that appear in the outputs’ spreadsheets.

I have had the software for only around 24 hours. In that time it has informed my decisions on domain name purchases and given me an insight into a competitor’s tactics for their search engine ranking. Only with this software has the former become viable and the latter become visible.

I am minded that the outputs from each program are valuable in their own right.

I shall be opening my proverbial wallet for these.

Chris Davis

Fantastic software. I was a little surprised at how fast the software produces your information and the info thats provided is incredibly valuable for your own websites. Another great value is the advantage of having the ability to spy on your competition and get information on their sites as well...

Shan Chai