Social Cash Machine – and my special bonus package

Social Cash Machine will really help you in earning money from your social media

Rob has pulled out all the stops in this training to help you really make an impact in your life
with affiliate commissions, and even residual income that you can come to expect week after week
and month after month simply with social media.

If you have ever wanted to make some extra income, or quit that day job then this might be for you



It will not require:

  • Tech Skills
  • Purchasing expensive hosting
  • Building an email list (though you could and I believe you should)
  • An autoresponder (again would be added benefit)
  • No complicated SEO
  • No paid traffic or ads

After months and months of trial and error, Rob found a formula that works great and wants to share it.
Simple steps to make money online following what he shows you.

Now As a Special Bonus im giving away
2 of my TOP Software products FREE for 1 month

Video walk-through of both Bonus Products

Social System Elite ( FB )

  • This software is going to allow you to automate posting in targetted groups on facebook
  • Set timed intervals so as to not post to quickly (facebook does not like that)
  • Export groups you’ve joined to filter what you want / don’t want to post to
  • Set a project name to recall and run a similar promo later or the same one
  • Auto bump your posts so that you shoot back up the the top of these groups for more engagement (less spammy then reposting)
  • Auto comment on these posts for more information if you like
  • and much more watch the video above


Niche Facebook Creator, Finder, and Joiner

  • This software allows you to import the exported group list from the above software and filter it by keywords to build your niche targeted list
  • Its going to allow you to find new groups to join by keywords
  • And going to allow you to auto join those groups after you’ve reviewed the list
  • watch the above video for more information

How to get ahold of the Bonus products after Purchase of Social Cash Machine

Simply follow the bonus product URL and go to the checkout for both bonus products.
The price has been set to $0 making it 100% FREE for you to pick up the Bonus products.

Now to get access to Social Cash Machine, and these 2 Exclusive Bonus’s put in your details below
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The Sale Goes Live May 21st – 9 am Eastern