Refund Policy

Bot Guru produces bots that have been created with Ubot Studio. To run the bots you will need:

Windows Operating System (or a way of running Windows, for example Virtual Box)

  • A valid license (if required, this will be manually sent after payment)
  • An internet connection
  • The latest .Net framework from Microsoft

As soon as you run the bot, it will connect to our servers to check for:

  • Current and valid license
  • Any updates & latest news

If we see a connection to our servers from the purchased bot then you are NOT entitled to any refund, partial or full.

If a website on which the bot is operating changes anything that causes the bot to stop working, Bot Guru will attempt to update the bot within a timely manner as to allow the bot to work again. However, there are times when websites will make changes that will make it impossible to update the bots to function. If this occurs, no refunds will be made – we will try our very best to make the changes whilst testing with the client but if it becomes uneconomical to continue the effort the client will be informed and development will cease.

If, however, you are having problems and we do not see ANY connection to our servers then we will consider a refund on a case by case basis. The decision will not be instantaneous and our first priority would be to try and get your bot online and working.

If during this period you become offensive towards anyone working for Bot Guru or initiate a dispute with whatever payment processor you used to originally purchase the bot, Bot Guru will no longer communicate with you directly and will work directly with the payment processor. All licenses will be suspended as soon as a dispute is raised until its conclusion. If the dispute ends in the customers favour, licenses will be reinstated otherwise all licenses will remain suspended.

We don’t like ignoring people and only work with payment processors but these rules have been put in place to protect Bot Guru and its intellectual property – we hope you understand!