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Social Signal Infiltrator

Gain Access to your Social Signals in Seconds Not Hours

What are Social Signals

Social signals refer to a web page's combined shares, likes, comments, +1's and overall social media visibility as seen by search engines.  These activities contribute to a page's organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to back links

Why you NEED Social Signal Infiltrator

  • Social Signal Infiltrator will help you easily and effortlessly check the number of shares, likes, and +1 across multiple networks for numerous links
  • Takes only seconds per url < 30 seconds, where you would spend 3-5 minutes per url
  • Generates a easy to read csv file
  • 100% Autopilot
  • Easy to use

Why Monitor Social Signals

Checking social signals will help you to know how your social media promotions are going on, what works for you and what is not. You will understand your audience better and know what they want to see from your updates.

Monitoring and listening to your audience will help you to grow your business and enhance your social media activities to get success quickly. You can easily do it with the Social Signal Infiltrator.

Why Social Signals Matter

In the world of internet marketing, you need every advantage that you can get over your competitors. Social signals are currently the most powerful (and yet still most rare and difficult) promotional tactic available. Social signals have a huge effect on search engine rankings, which are the the largest source of web traffic worldwide. Recently, well respected research firm SearchMetrics did a study to examine the correlation between highly ranking sites and the types of links they have. Social signals were rated, by far and away, the most important factor. As shown in the illustration below

social signal ranking information

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Social Signal Infiltrator runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and windows 2008+ servers. Mac users can run it in simulated windows environments like Parallels


While I'm certain you wont want a refund with the valuable information this software will give you.  I will give you my personal no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee that if you don't like the software for whatever reason I will refund your money.

Read what other happy customers had to say

The program runs as shown in the sales page video.

The file packs include clearly written instructions on installing and using the software.

I have had the software for only around 24 hours. In that time it has informed my decisions on domain name purchases and given me an insight into a competitor’s tactics for their search engine ranking. Only with this software has the former become viable and the latter become visible.

I am minded that the outputs from each program are valuable in their own right. When used together the sum is most definitely greater than the constituent parts.

I shall be opening my proverbial wallet for these.

Chris Davis

This software allows you to put in a number of urls and it will spit out the number of social links that the website has. It can be used by you for your own website to see where you need some additional social links or as I like to use it, to see what your competition’s site has for social signals. Either way it is a simple, easy to use piece of software that can be used in a number of ways to help you increase your social standing in your community. TJ is very responsive to correct problems as I had an issue and sent him a message and he had the problem fixed in minutes. You need Social Signal Infiltrator!

Larry Godby

TJ gave me recently review access to his Social Signal Infiltrator software. First of all, the installation was quick and easy. But most important, the software is quick as well. Almost Right after adding the URLs and clicking the go button it asks for a filename to save the results. This file cam be opened in any spreadsheet and gives all the important social signals, whether these are your own or your competitor's sites. It's certainly a nice tool to add to your arsenal of SEO tools.

Torsten Müller

The results from Social Signal Infiltrator is stunning. Having all of my links together to evaluate which links are getting the most engagement is extremely helpful for me to evaluate and decide how to move forward to get better results.

Shan Chai

Does what it claims to do. So I would say another 2 thumbs up for an interesting, cleaver, and easy to use easy to install piece of software well done.

Fred Furguson