Exact Method Exposed: Free Traffic from Facebook Groups

Crush Facebook using Groups for Free Traffic

Did you know that Facebook Groups are the cause of a
large number of outbound traffic hits to other websites?

If your not you should be using group posts for your website with various groups on Facebook.  But use it correctly.

Please have a look at how you can do this below.

  1. You will want to find groups by keyword related to your niche, or website.
  2. Make sure to join them. (some take time to manually approve)
  3. Next, you will want to introduce yourself to these groups (start a dialog) so they can get to know you.
    Tell them who you are, what you do, and how you’re glad to be there.
  4. Next, try to interact with the group(s) posts commenting to show your interaction with the group
  5. Next and most important step, make your first offering to the group for a product, service, or course that you
    might be offering.  Jazz it up a bit make them feel as though you are offering them a special (and in fact do so)
    people like to know they are being given special treatment and a special offer.

Now here is where you might stop.  But why?
You might be thinking that you need to re-post that special offer in a day or 2.

You’re partially correct.

Instead of posting again a day or 2 later, which is and will be seen as spam rather quickly.

Go back to your original post, and comment on it.
This will force the post back to the top of the groups feed.

Now here you have 2 options

  1. Leave the comment as a sort of update, or additional information for people.
  2. Delete the comment (no worries the comment already did its job and will boost the post to the top of the feed even if you delete it)

#2 is gold so you don’t look like a comment spammer.

Now repeat, reply to posts, and then list your post, or comment bump as you see fit to do so.

You can literally do this on repeat to drive traffic from various groups on Facebook in no time at all.

Want to Really increase your traffic from Facebook Groups?

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