Ubot Plugin – PDF Creator

-Create PDF Files
-Create Pages
-Max 5000 characters per page
-Create Unlimited Pages
-HTML to PDF : convert html content to pdf file
-Merge PDF files : merge a list of standalone pdf files and save them in one pdf file
-Split PDF : split a long pdf file to standalone pdf files (by page)
-PDF to Text : convert a pdf file to text

Do you offer Support and Updates?

I’ve never turned away anyone asking questions, or needing support. Support tickets can be sent in using the contact form on this site
Updates are free for the lifetime that I support the plugin.
This includes any new features or functionality of the plugins.

Terms of Service and Refund Policy
Because of the nature of this plugin we DO NOT allow refunds, exchanges, trades.
If you have questions concerning the plugin, Commands or Functions please ask on the support system here

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