Ubot Plugin – System Commands


  • GET PC INFO (“Username”, “User DomainName”, “System Directory”, “OS Version”, “Machine Name”, “Current Directory”, “OS Platform”, “Processor Count”, “Processor ID”, “HD Model”, “HD Manufacturer”, “HD Signature”, “HD TotalHeads”, “HDD Serial Num”, “BIOS Maker”, “Physical Memory”, “CPU Speed”, “CPU Maker”, “Program Files Path 32/64 Bit”)
  • GET FILE INFO (“File Name”, “Date Time Created”, “Extension”, “Total Size”, “File Path”, “Full File Name”, “Created Date/Time”, “Last Accessed Date/Time”, “Last Modified Date/Time”)
  • MONITOR RUNNING PROCESSES (“Browser”, “Bot”, “UBot Studio” or select the handle name of your process to monitor) logs to file
  • DETAILED PROMPT WINDOW (Set prompt window height, width, text label, text label height, caption, default value, submit button text and cancel button text.  On cancel click returns false)

Do you offer Support and Updates?

I’ve never turned away anyone asking questions, or needing support.  Support tickets can be sent in using http://support.theodoregaushaswebservices.com
Updates are free for the lifetime that I support the plugin.
This includes any new features or functionality of the plugins.

Terms of Service and Refund Policy
Because of the nature of this plugin we DO NOT allow refunds, exchanges, trades.
If you have questions concerning the plugin, Commands or Functions please ask on the support system here[/features_box_red]

This creation was built by lowridertj (BotGuru), Copyright 2011 All rights reserved.
This application is not authorized for re-distribution and is the property of
Botguru.NET and Theodore Gaushas Web Services.