Ubot Studio – LIST and CSV Grids and extended features

9 Functions (many possibility’s)

  • $edit tabular csv
  • $edit list csv
  • $edit list
  • $FindAndReplaceInList
  • $AddNewRowToTableNoUI
  • $ReplaceInRowNoUI
  • $ReplaceInColumnNoUI
  • $AddNewRowToTableWithUI
  • $InsertColumnInTableUI










$edit tabular csv

  • Allows you to use a grid with or without headers with csv data Allowing to select from the left side of the row an entire row to delete, or click in any cell to delete a column
  • Press ctrl+ click to select more than 1 row or cell at a time
  • If using headers the headers will remain at the top
  • Click the column top to sort the data
  • Set your own delimiter being used in the table data
  • Set grid window title

$edit list csv
  • You can sort the items clicking the top of the coumn
  • You can select a position by clicking to the left of the item
  • Insert or replace that position with information inserted in the dialog grid view
  • Set grid window title
$edit list
  • Insert or Replace at position without grid view
  • no grid

  • Find and replace in list
  • no grid












  • Add new row to table by position
  • no grid

addnewrowtotable no ui

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  • Replace in row by position
  • no grid

replaceinrow no ui

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  • Replace in column by position
  • no grid

replaceincolumn no ui

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  • Add new row to table
  • Select row insert point by clicking to the left of the row you want to insert before
  • With Grid

addnewrowtotable with grid

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  • Insert column to table data by position
  • With Grid

insert column to table with grid

  • Give you and clients control over the data that gets saved, remove what you/they don’t want
  • Insert items to lists by position on the fly
  • Replace items in a list by position anytime you want
  • Remove entire rows from table data before its saved
  • Remove entire columns from table data as well
  • Replace in table columns, rows, cells
  • Insert entire columns, or rows

You will recieve 3 example .ubot source code files, and full access for any questions you might have anytime by email, private messages, or the support ticket system.

My goal is to make sure you fully understand the power of this plugin and how it can help you bring a more extensive, and professional bot to your end clients.


This plugin cost more then 15 times the cost its being sold for.  You wont pay anywhere near that..

We hope that this plugin will help you in every way possible when it comes to csv data and lists.
All feedback, and suggestions are welcomed and we are already planning on adding other features such as

  • Insert in table at row position
  • Replace in column
  • Replace in row
  • Replace in cell
  • Replace in list (entire list)

What will it cost you? $47.00
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Update 10/13/2013

  • Added option to edit Grid window titles
  • Added Ok button in grid windows
  • Changed all functions to allow for entering raw text, &table, %list for data stead of variable name
  • Fixed bug in CSV grid where if a column header contained a comma it would cause the grid to crash