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How long do I get free support and updates for?

How long does the software i purchased get free updates and support for?

Software updates and support is free for 1 year.

After such time you will have the option to renew the support and updates package for the software you purchased.
Should you decide not to renew then there are a few things that may happen depending which software you purchased.

If you purchased the software then it will continue to function until such time that the software lifetime ends or updates are required for the software to function properly providing you have not broken our Terms Of Use or EULA.

How much does it cost for an additional 1 year support and updates package?

If you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription / license then all updates are free and current whilst your subscription / license is valid and active.

Support and updates package prices differ depending on the software purchased.

Prices start at $25 per year and rise depending on the software title in question.

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