UbotLocker Custom License Popup Window

This is a service I provide to create a 100% Custom to you popup for the UbotLocker License System.

This will replace your current License.dll with a new one fully customized how you like.

From the image to the left you can see I have :

  • Change Icon in top Title Bar
  • Removed the minimize / maximize buttons
  • Added a drop down menu that when items clicked will open in default browser
  • Added Image in the form
  • Add text into the form
  • Added links on the bottom
  • Updated .NET library to 4.5

Everything can be customized, via the INI settings file for the license system

  • Enable Disable anything you want
  • Change the language of labels or text used

Get your Fully Customized Licensing Panel Today!

You can get this Customized License Panel today for $125 $77